Elisabetta Franchi debutta a teatro con Michelle Hunziker

Those who go to see Michelle Hunziker in her new theatrical adventure, “Mi scappa da ridere,” will see a most elegant and charming actress wearing the range created exclusively for her by the designer Elisabetta Franchi, one of the sponsors of the entire theatre tour.

This is Hunziker’s big moment, presenting her ‘one woman show’: she will tell her personal fairytale story, wearing totally Elisabetta Franchi-branded attire.

Elisabetta masterfully designed seductive tailored dresses for Michelle, but what else could you expect from two women of explosive, ultra-feminine and charismatic characters; it was obvious they would get along well, and have the same stylish tastes!

Three complete changes of clothing, all Elisabetta Franchi style:  a close fitting tuxedo suit in two different colours, one black and white and the other red and black and a beautiful mermaid style silver evening dress with crystals, strass and ostrich feathers.

Do you want our advice?  Book a seat now, Elisabetta Franchi takes the stage.