Eurovision Song Contest, Düsseldorf 2011

It is with great pride that ELISABETTA FRANCHI joins the celebration of the success reaped by the Italian Raphael Gualazzi, who has won the second place at the 56th Eurovision Song Contest, the European song festival. After 13 years of absence, this is a great comeback for Italy with the song “Madness of Love” by the young talent, who this year has already won both the Youth category as well as the prize of the Critics at the 61st Sanremo Festival. Born in Urbino in 1981, after studying piano at the Rossini conservatoire in Pesaro he extended his musical research to the world of Jazz, Blues and Fusion. With his unmistakable vocal style and his instrumental peculiarities, he has recently achieved a huge success with both Italian and foreign critics, particularly in France, where he has great success both on the radio and in the sales hit parades. If you want to know more about this talented artist’s biography, visit his official website: Italy has already been the winner in two past editions: in 1964 in Copenhagen with Gigliola Cinquetti (with the song “Non ho l’età – Per amarti”), and in 1990 in Zagreb with Toto Cutugno (“Insieme: 1992”).

The great finale has been held in Düsseldorf last Saturday, May 14th with millions of televiewers all over Europe. Out of 43 participating countries with their respective artists, the first prize was won by the duet from Azerbaijan, Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal (Ell/Nikki) with 221 points and the third place was won by the Swede Eric Saade with 185 points. As by tradition, in the following year this contest will take place in the country of this year’s winner. Therefore, the next rendezvous will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Remember that there is an ELISABETTA FRANCHI stand-alone shop in Baku, so you’ll enjoy a great weekend of shopping and good music!

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1. Azerbaijan – Ell & Nikki “Running scared” –
2. Italy – Raphael Gualazzi “Madness of love” –
3. Sweden – Eric Saade “Popular” –
4. Ukraine – Mika Newton “Angel” –
5. Denmark – A Friend in London “New tomorrow” –
6. Bosnia Herzegovina – Dino Merlin “Love in rewind” –
7. Greece – Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike “Watch my dance” –
8. Irland – Jedward “Lipstick” –
9. Georgia – Eldrine “One more day” –
10. Germany – Lena “Taken by a stranger” –
11. United Kindom – Blue “I can” –
12. Moldova – Zdob si Zdub “So lucky” –
13. Slovenia – Maja Keuc “No one” –
14. Serbia – Nina “Caroban” –
15. France – Amaury Vissili “Sognu” –
16. Russia – Alexej Vorobjov “Get you” –
17. Romania – Hotel FM “Change” –
18. Austria – Nadine Beiler “The secret of love” –
19. Lithuania – Evelina Sašenko “C’est ma vie” –
20. Iceland – Sjonni’s Friends “Coming home” –
21. Finland – Paradise Oskar “Da da dam” –
22. Hungaty – Kati Wolf “What about my dreams?” –
23. Spain – Lucia Pérez “Que me quiten lo bailao” –
24. Estonia – Getter Jaani “Rockefeller street” –
25. Switzerland – Anna Rossinelli “In love for a while” –