Winonah de Jong covergirl for Talkies
For the special Beauty issue of Talkies, Winonah looks in modern Marilyn Monroe beauty

Talkies Beauty (Holland), August 18 2014

In a special issue dedicated to the beauty, the Dutch magazine Talkies chooses the chameleon-like charm of the beautiful Winonah de Jong. Framed by a disheveled platinum snow white hairdo, Winonah poses as covergirl of the magazine interpreting multiple looks and embodying the Marilyn Monroe beauty in a contemporary way.

During the photo shoot, Winonah was captured in total white wearing a jumpsuit and open toe wedge of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection. A very refined outfit able to draw a hyper-feminine silhouette with a touch of romanticism for the bow. To complete the outfit the shoes are characterized by cutting futurist: a model that tickles your fancy thanks to cut-out on the forefoot, easing the wraparound silhouette of item.

In another seductive shot, Winonah wears ivory dress from Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 collection. A modern leader for a contemporary Snow White: flared cape rediscovers new volumes and lightness. A minimal look but from the soul couture inspired by the cape of the a fairy tale’s protagonist. A clean set that hints at destructurings delicate tailoring.

Here the asymmetry finds balance through fabrics that fall perfectly on the female body exalting it with loveliness: ecstasy where elegance finds its perfect expression.