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Fashion Designer tells about herself for a Middle East magazine

HARAYER – October 2016

Elisabetta Franchi A Story of Success

The famous designer Elisabetta Franchi had reached great success through a powerful and global distribution network with more than 1,100 points of sale and 65 stores. All of this supported her personally to become such a popular brand that it she received overwhelming reactions from stars like Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Emily Blunt.

What really inspired you to become a designer?

Fashion has always been in my DNA. It is passion, instinct and an urge to dress all the women in the world: it was my dream when I was a little girl when I used to dress my dolls, now that dream has come true. I grew up in a very simple family and I built myself up through passion, determination and talent. I have established my company from the very beginning and I never gave up on my dream. Now my brand is a trademark in the fashion and design industry. I consider myself a rare bird that achieved a big dream in the world of fashion.

Can you describe to us the studio for your designs?

It is tidy and very organized as the all the architectural and design details were studied carefully. There is a big window that faces the Bologna countryside and the room is filled with stunning light at any time of day. Obviously, this is not the office where I create, but the one where I take refuge.

Tell us more about your style and beauty daily routine

I wake up every morning and focus on my femininity and elegance before anything. It is one of my main priorities, regardless of the appointments I have to face.

What are you thoughts on the use of social media platforms?

In our society, social media in our daily lives is becoming increasingly important. It gives you the opportunity to show yourself just the way you are and to communicate with followers directly and without filters.

What did you love most about your fashion expression / signature?

Coherence, product identity, craftsmanship, Made In Italy and femininity.

What has really changed since you started in the fashion world?

Many things have changed since I first entered in the fashion system. The most important is that I became more mature, the second thing is the fashion industry: in the last decades, we have really been part of a revolution in our way of life, due to the historical events in which we have been protagonists. Said that, the only things that have remained constant are my drawings that reflect a clear picture of what my style is.

Who is the woman of “Elisabetta Franchi?”

She is a feminine woman who does not show off, an ever-sensual subtle femininity that is never vulgar.

Your collections are very beautiful and magnificent, what really inspires to become stronger every season?
Everything that surrounds me is a source of inspiration, and the desire to put myself out there and to start a new challenge between a white piece of paper and me to create something different really pushes me every season to overcome all limits.

How do you continue to keep such beauty and elegance in your collections?

I know what every client wants. They are my point of reference. Aside from extensive knowledge in the field, I can safely say that the credit goes to my creativity and a large dose of intuition.

What about your Fall/Winter 2016 collection?

I was inspired by the magic of the circus, colours and shapes inspired by the Cirque du Soleil are ironically combined with rigorous gendarme details taken from the precious uniforms worn by the bodyguards of Marie Antoinette, the legendary Rose of Versailles. Just like the French heroine, the Elisabetta Franchi’s woman conceals her femininity beneath the structured shapes of this military style, while revealing her secret weapons of seduction in the details.

How many shops and point of sales do you own around the world?

Currently we have over 1,100 multi brand stores and 65 Monobrand boutiques in which my customers can get a true taste and feel of the Elisabetta Franchi universe.

What are you favorite colors?

Nude, powder pink and lacquer red are the must-have colours that truly make my collections unique.

What is your favorite fabric?

Crêpes and elastic details on all my pieces.

What is mean luxury for you today?

The fashion industry has always gone hand in hand with the concept of luxury. In my opinion, however, luxury does not exist. Style exists, style isn’t lavish and doesn’t show off, it represents elegance and the ability to flaunt attitude with even the simplest piece.

Which do you prefer to design more, summer or winter collections?

I prefer design winter collections because I can play more with materials, matching lighter fabrics to heavier ones, daring with contours and playing with colors to create strong color contrasts.

How many collections do you execute for each season?

Three collections: Pre Collection, Main Collection and Show Collection.

Do you follow any specific rituals while being creative with your designs?

I don’t have any rituals. Each season I leave everything behind me and start fresh with creative and new ideas to implement different results in my designs.

What do you think of the market in the Middle East & Qatar?

We have opened several new boutiques in the last two years. We have four stores in the Dubai Malls, two in Abu Dhabi, we are also in Jeddah, and we will continue to expand. The Middle East is very important market for us; the women are feminine and perfectly represent my ideal woman.