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Read the exclusive interview of Fashion Designer by Snob magazine

SNOB (Lebanon), February 2015

Fashion Designer is interviewed by the lebanon magazine Snob. Read the exclusive interview.

1) How did you enter the fashion world, and how you define your style and identity?

I always loved fashion. My addiction to fashion started when I was a little girl: I was spending my free time dressing up all my dolls and modifying their dresses.

During the years my true passion for the fashion world grew exponentially, bringing me to reach what I have now: a company with 150 employees that I’m really proud of.

My style can be described in three key words: sensuality, femininity, and elegance. These three characteristics are always present in each one of my collections.

2) Who is the woman who selects your designs?

The woman who chose to wear Elisabetta Franchi is surely a woman who feels sexy and who is aware about her femininity. She wants to show her sensuality to everyone but never being vulgar.

3) How do you see fashion trends today?

I never follow the trends because they are not in my DNA. The only trend that I like to follow is the one of my inspiration; all the rest is simply evolution.

4) What is your inspiration?

In one word: the woman is my inspiration. Since always the entire woman’s universe is my source of inspiration. I don’t have a standard of beauty to describe the woman who inspire me because every woman for me is special and beautiful in her own way if she is able to transmit her sensuality in a natural way.

5) What materials and colours do you prefer?

I always loved all the warmer nuance such as ivory, cipria, cream. You will always find these colours in my collections cause I consider them essentials. Also, I really love the red lacquer which is always present in my collections as well.

For what it concerns the materials I’m deeply in love with all the crepè fabrics.

6) Where does Elisabetta Franchi stand among others today?

Nowadays my brand is positioned as a premium brand. I don’t consider any other brand as a real competitor because I’ve always tried to run my business and create my collections without looking at others and avoiding to make comparisons.

7) What do you think about the Arabic woman , and do you take her into your consideration while creating your designs?

Arab women are beautiful! I’ve been really impressed by their elegance and by their simple and sophisticated way of moving and acting. When they walk they almost look like princesses! I found a lot of inspirations for my future collections in them. 

8) What does your presence in Beirut and Dubai ressemble to you?

It was a really short but definitely strong and intense experience. Both Dubai and Beirut, even if absolutely different between each other, gave me lovely memories. The people, the smells, the flavors, and the hospitality of the people definitely conquered me!

I would love to come back soon and experience a little more of both the cities… possibly on holiday.  Beirut is a city full of history and I loved this aspect of it!

9) Which celebrities choose to wear your designs?

I consider myself really lucky because I receive requests from celebrities all around the world. I never focus of any celebrity in particular because every woman who feels confortable in my creations and wants to wear them is a reason for me to be proud and happy about it.

Some of the celebrities who recently wore my pieces are Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Khloe Kardashian.

10) Your last collection: what was your inspiration?

I imagined a modern princess. The key element of inspiration of the Spring Summer collection is the theme of the lozenge, which reminds of the shape of the gate at the entrance of a castle. The lozenge theme is proposed in almost every piece of the collection, from the clothes till the accessories. I also wanted to recall the world of “deco” using colours like gold and bronze enriched by embellishments like paillettes and metals.

11) Your project for the future?

My goal is to go on to follow the path that brought me to achieve the results that I have now. In my future projects there will surely be new opening and a lot of new ideas… you know, a real creative never stop!