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Special interview of the Designer for the magazine

Talkies (Netherlands), September 2017

Dutch magazines Talkies interviwed Elisabetta Franchi for the September issue.

1. How did you come up with Evita Péron as your inspiration for this collection?
The FW17 collection has born for a powerful and determined woman and Evita Peron perfectly reflect it. I was inspired by her charm, elegance and determination.

2. Why is she so inspiring?
She is a woman who fought for her people, who was able to fascinate the crowds with her energy. A determined and emancipated woman, who has never renounce to class and femininity.

3. Which item from this collection is your personal favorite, when you have to choose?
The first look of the Fashion Show FW17-18: black male trousers and white shirt with the maxi sequin bow.

4. Which of your collections so far are you most proud of? And why?
Every collection is important, because in each one I find an experience, furthermore looking back, still today , the pieces of the beginning transmit me emotions.

5. What do you want a woman to feel like, when she’s wearing your designs?
My creations are made for all women, who could feel seductive and feminine and live a modern fairytale by wearing my clothes.

6. What are you still dreaming of, as a designer?
As a designer I dream to communicate through my creations, the respect for animals, extraordinary creatures.