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Elisabetta Franchi appears at Talkies Magazine September issue

TALKIES MAGAZINE – September 2016

Let the battle begin.

Make beautiful fashion that is what Elisabetta Franchi is doing successfully for years, but not at all costs. The Italian designer is using her style and creativity for good: she created two special t-shirts appeared on the FW16 catwalk, with strong images and clear messages that make an unequivocal statement against the exploitation of Circus animals. All this has aroused our curiosity and so we asked to Elisabetta Franchi some questions:

1. How did you come up with the theme ‘Circus Animals Are Not Clowns’?

My commitment towards animals is from A to Z. I suffer when I see how they are treated and killed in the animal’s farms, and I feel the same pain for animal enslaved in Circus. In this way, with the special t-shirt appeared in the FW16 fashion show, I launched an appeal to raise awareness and expose the cruelty hidden behind a spectacle where violence and coercion are the order of the day. Clear messages that make an unequivocal statement against this type of animal exploitation.

2. Whatstatementdidyoumakewiththiscollection?

With the FW16 collection I dare, I let myself inspired by the surrealistic madness of the circus, from colors and shapes inspired by the magic of Cirque du Soleil, ironically combined with rigorous gendarmerie details, taken from the precious uniforms worn by the bodyguards of Marie Antoinette, the legendary Rose of Versailles. Just like this French heroine, my woman conceals her femininity beneath the severe shapes of this military style, while revealing her secret weapons of seduction in the details.

The choice of the circus theme was no casual; the designers have the fortune to spread messages to the whole world and I choose to show two special t-shirt with the most important message to me: it is crucial to defend animals and their rights … animals cannot speak, but they have a soul!

3. Sustainability is a hot topic in fashion nowadays. Is it a hot topic for you too? What does your brand do with/about it?

“Be the change you want to see in the world”, in this way I thought my company in an eco- sustainable and animal friendly key. The ethical identity has sealed by the collaboration, with LAV, the Anti-Vivisection League, and the adherence to Animal Free Fashion standards. It was a path to awareness, at the heart of which is my love for these creatures. But even before I was never a “huntress”.

The Animal Free line includes clothing produced without the use of materials of animal origin: eco-friendly furs and feathers, dresses, tops and skirts in artificial leather, as well as handbags and small accessories. All products are created in the trademark chic of the Maison, but respect the animal kingdom. I am also doing a path to remove completely the skin in my collections. Killing animals to dress is the opposite of being cool! Since 2013, for the first time in Italy, Elisabetta Franchi launches the dog hospitality project: a concrete philosophy shared with all my employees who can bring their dogs to workplace too.

4. What are the new season musthaves?

Surely the mini dress with fringes and double regimental stripes, worn by many international celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, but also the bodyshirt, in the new collection color ‘ ocean ‘, embellished with buttons from the gendarmerie style and the jumpsuits that are a must- have of each season.

5. Who is the best dressed celebrity?

The top models Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner, they perfectly interpret the Elisabetta Franchi’s style.

6. What is your personal favorite outfit? In other words: what do you like to wear most?

I love everything that I design, but I prefer wearing something minimal as a black sheath dress or a pale pink dress.

7. Why do Italian people have a bigger sense of style than most of the other Europeans?

Italians have the fashion in their DNA, we launch trends, it is an innate talent, as our kitchen… one of the best in the world!

8. Who do you admire in the fashion system? 

Stefano Gabbana: I love his ability to not take itself too seriously and joke with irony.

9. What are you most proud of when you look at the EF brand? 

Whenever I see a woman wearing my clothes.

10.Who would you like to see wearing EF?

Amal Clooney, a Lebanese beauty combined with the British class. A strong woman, socially active but at the same time who doesn’t renounce to fashion and elegance.

11.What novelties can we expect from EF in 2016?

Over the next three years, we expect a growth through various dynamics: growth in existing markets, especially in Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East, opening new markets, particularly in the Far East region and the United States. Furthermore, we work towards the opening of more monobrand stores to increase the visibility of the brand in key cities, through the renewal of the distribution in Italy and abroad following the path that the brand and the product is doing in recent years. To be mentioned also the rise of e-commerce, opening it up to other strategic countries, such as Russia.