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Fashion Designer talks about "the Italian femininity"

S MODA – July 2016

Italian women’s style

Elisabetta Franchi knows her customers: ‘women who want to show their femininity ‘.

There is something of which this designer from Bologna is proud of, and that also summarizes what she does and, especially, how she does it. It is the fact that many times women stop her in the street to thank her for making fashion that is designed to appeal to themselves, rather than men. ‘My goal is to make them feel feminine and sensual’ she asserts. With these two adjectives, we can describe her designs, although adding ‘sexy’ in this list is definitely not wrong. The designer does not mind lycra and transparencies that enhance the curves, nor leather clothing with openings (but just if they are well placed). Her latest collection, without going far, it is a riot of garments that enhance the female body, as, for example, bodysuits in georgette, blouses with plunging necklines, pants and jumpsuits that valorize the waistline. Although, to honor her philosophy in the service of women, also there are jeans and shoes. Always with a detail that embellishes them, to make them special. Her fashion is an Italian style, with its pros and cons. ‘There is a very thin line between sensuality and vulgarity’ says Elisabetta Franchi. It is possible cross this line successfully: ‘everything depends on the attitude of who is wearing the clothes’ she says. When we speak of those who wear her brand, the list is full of good examples. Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner and Emily Blunt wear her clothes on the street or on the red carpet. And most importantly, they do it often. The designer acknowledges that the celebrities have been fundamental to the rise of her brand, which for 20 years defended with conviction his own style. ‘Not only fashion is capricious, but also the times we are living. But I do not follow trends. Femininity is a timeless concept. What changes is the way we express it, says the designer. Today may be with a leggings and a jacket, or with a jumpsuit and heels. Elisabetta Franchi is undoubtedly inclined to the second option.